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Typhus in Szczecin

: 2 lut 2011, o 09:43
autor: Jose Antonio
In 1945 and 1946 the mortality caused by typhus in Szczecin was terrible. I would like to know if there is an official register of names of those who died because of typhus and, if so, how I can consult the list of deceased persons. I also like to know which hospitals were operating in 1945 - 1946 in Szczecin and in what cemeteries were buried the victims of typhus.
Thank you very much.

Re: Typhus in Szczecin

: 2 lut 2011, o 23:56
autor: Schulz
Cęściowo problem ten poruszyłem w komentarzach do dyskusji o szpitalu miejskim:
Tyle, ze ktoś musiałby to zainteresowanemu choćby w skrócie podać po angielsku.