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English translation of Sedina CD Demo

: 26 paź 2004, o 00:52
autor: Piotrek.US
First of all, excuse me for writing in English.
I've just downloaded the English demo of your "sentimental walk around old Szczecin". One thing which comes to me at the first glance is that you'll definitely need to implement some changes to your English translation. You've made some incredibly mindblowing :shock: errors concerning basic English language rules.

"Szczecin inhabitants try to look for the lost atmosphere of the city for ages. (...)".

Uh-uh, this doesn't sound right!

"Did the atmosphere died (...)".

I'll just stop right here. :?

The form of the verb "to die" in this particular case should be used as the infinitive "to die" (without the "to", of course) :) . You cannot say "Did the atmosphere DIED..." :wink:

The verb in this case is being used incorrectly. You should've written:

"Did the atmosphere DIE together with the bombarded city?".

So, summarising: not "DIED" but "DIE".

Although I do believe, that You guys have done a really great piece of work by putting up this portal thus by making a wider community of people see the beautiful and interesting history of Szczecin city, I still think that there's a lot of work in front of you waiting to be done.

I sincerely believe, that by developing, upgading and making better You'll achieve the goal of making Szczecin City even better known in the wider community. Szczecin, in the past used to be a proud city. Everything shows that it has a history second to none (at least in this part of Europe). It's really fantastic that there are people like You, who spend their precious time working with and, in this way contribute to the development of the historical awareness of the local community. The local historical knowledge is unfortunately quite poor among Szczecin's inhabitants. This is a state in need of change! I think that without the historical and cultural awareness of the current inhabitants of Szczecin this city will not manage to flourish, and won't return to the state it was in under German rule. The people finally need to understand, that this is their HOME city! That this is theirs, and that they need to do something about it! I sincerely believe that Szczecin has a hidden potential, which -in my opinion- takes its inspiration from its long and glorious history. By focusing on its history, thus making it become wider known, you're making the first steps on the road to make this city proud and glorious once more, because Szczecin, which I believe should become "Europe's Gate to the Baltic sea", obviously deserves to be GLORIOUS and PROUD!

So, Godspeed!
Keep up the good work, 'cause you're really doin' it damn, damn well!

: 26 paź 2004, o 01:05
autor: Busol
Thanks for your voice. We'll need english speakers on our forum soon.

I've just sent your opinion about translation to THE Great Translator.

I think that there's more such a mistakes. But we're doing our best.
We're no historican/programmers/translators so please forgive us (or help us :-)

We're just trying to show beauty of our city especially in historical aspect.


: 26 paź 2004, o 06:42
autor: szperacz88
Wo ist setup nach demo???????

: 30 sie 2005, o 23:55
autor: Gość
szperacz88 pisze:Wo ist setup nach demo???????
Dear szperacz88 - this is english language forum - german is behind next door ;)

: 30 sie 2005, o 23:57
autor: Finki
Dear Mr X-(YyYyY) - very funny :wink:

: 30 sie 2005, o 23:59
autor: Dorian
Wybacz, ale to nie pisalem ja.....

: 31 sie 2005, o 00:00
autor: Yomi
Hmm, something kicked me out and my sentence was wrote as anonymous...

: 31 sie 2005, o 00:01
autor: Dorian
Yeah, something kicked you out? :roll:

: 31 sie 2005, o 00:12
autor: Yomi
Yea, something... but I'm sure - it wasn't your leg.
I'm sad because this part of sedina's forum is almost dead - except one person nobody from guests visit this place :(
Have good night my friends

: 18 gru 2006, o 16:26
autor: uczen_pana_gosciniaka
I hope there is somebody who still reads english forum
I've just seen this english forum and decided to visit it wondering who can be interested in Szczecin's history and why.
Piotrek.US your opinion is great, this is superb feedback! I hope you visit this site sometimes :) Your first name suggest that you have polish roots? Am I right?

My english skill is not absolutely perfect (no profficiency) anyway if you have any problems with language I can help you trying to translate anything you would like to. This is both addressed to english users and polish users :)

: 9 lut 2007, o 01:11
autor: Tasza
Excuse me that a little I divagate but more than once I've been watching the forum in the part of the guest and now I would like to greet as logged user :)

Throught the creators of this portal I hope to find out as much as possible about my city, whose history interests me since a long time.

It is good that are continually such people as You - fullnesses of passion and the engagement into saving the history from the oblivion and consequently our identity.