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Strohmeier Augustwalde

: 16 mar 2013, o 00:41
autor: Willi Vetter
Good evening!
I am looking for information about my grandmother Maria Margareta Strohmeier who married Karl Vetter and her parents Johann Ferdinand Strohmeier and Wilhelmina Anna Maria Thomas from Augustwalde... Are there any traces of them???
Thank you!
Willi Vetter

Re: Strohmeier Augustwalde

: 18 mar 2013, o 15:39
autor: rwpb
Hi Willi!
Can you give more details? Street name, wedding date?

Re: Strohmeier Augustwalde

: 18 mar 2013, o 21:51
autor: Willi Vetter
Johann Ferdinand Strohmeier married Anna Maria Wilhelmina Thomas 1 June 1879. Both were catholic.
Their daughter Maria Margaretha Hedwig Strohmeier married Karl Vetter from Luisenthal 26.5. 1913.
I don`t know their address in Augustwalde...
Thank you for your interest!